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reCaptcha displays in "view" page but not into the normal page

webmasterinaffitto , February 13 at 16:10
I've installed the free version of Chrono forms into my joomla 3.8.5. I've also created a form with different fields include the Google reCaptcha but, after saved it, from the list page of the forms, inside administration panel, if i click on the "view" link, a good form displays with all field I've inserted into it, instead when I go to the article where I've put the tag of the plug in, to show the form into the article, the google reCaptcha doesn't display.
Anyone can say me why?
Thank you.​
Maybe a JavaScript error or something else, do you have a link to the form ?
Best regards
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the article is very simple and is located at:
Now, I've linked the form to the "Apri il modulo" text at bottom. When you click there a new pop up window opens and show the form works perfectly but when I use the plug in code to show it into the article:
1) doesn't show the reCaptcha
2) doesn't send any email
3) doesn't show any message to the front end after submit.
thank you
Again the same problem with another website:
When I use the form in a full page, everything is ok, but if I use it into an article, by plug in, it doesn't work... why?