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how to use fields (views panel)

ataylor14 , February 09 2018
ataylor14 156
February 09 2018 #375161
I would like to have two calendar fields and a button that checks some data I have in a table.
For start I created 2 calendar fields as views. Then a button that is supposed to send these dates to some event or dynamic ajax with teh following expected result:
take these dates and run a php code that extracts data from a table using these dates in the where condition of a select statement.
How should this scenario be implemented?
For start I could not even figure out how to access the dates selected in the calendars. See the scenario I tried so far.
In the debug after clicking on the button I get only the last parameter which I added for testing purposes.
[option] => com_chronoconnectivity6
[cont] => manager
[conn] => check-dates
[tmp] => for_testing
[event] => view
Many thanks for your help.
admin 27.0
February 09 2018 #375194
Hello ataylor14,
The shortcodes {var:xxxx} are for dynamic content which is available on server side, like a field value after a form is sent, so you can not get the value of a field on the same page with that.
The button dynamic task can be set to "send:#form_id", where "form_id" is the id of a form view inside which both the button and the calendars exist, that will send all the form fields to the target event.
You can inspect the form element in the browser to check what is the form id exactly or give it a class and use send:.form_class
Best regards
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