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Individual Grid area size

morphz , February 05 at 08:40

Hello! Happy new User of Chronoforms6.

1. Is it possible to configure the Grid area with 30%/70% instead of the given 50%/50%?​

I don't want to open another Topic (or should I?) but I have two more questions:

2. When I include the form to an article the title of my Joomla Website dissappears. any idea why?​
​3. It seems the grid area has no bottom margin. or am I missing something?​

That's my sandbox site to see what I mentioned above (PLZ, Ort). Joomla 3.8.4, PHP 7.1.13

​Thanks in advance!​


Hi morphz,

Yes, open the grid settings and change the columns list to:

column1:five wide column
column2:eleven wide column

#2- maybe the css bug, you can send me a contact message for a patch or wait for the update expected soon.

#3- it should have a bottom margin, the form does not appear on your website to check this

Best regards

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1. works great!
2. I put the header to display:none on the whole page now as workaround. fixed it for me :-)​
3. The margin somehow does apply sometimes but not always. Could be my bad though. I figured how to add classes so I can easily adjust it myself by adding margin-bottom:1em if needed.
Thanks for the help!