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Calendar - Date type field

Mmax2 , January 19 at 14:44
Good morning.
I have a form in ChronoForms v6 and I populate its fields with a ChronoConnectivity v6 form view. All fields populate correctly, except for one field of db type "date".
In ChronoForms field, if I set Display Format = Real Format = YYYY-MM-DD, all is correct, but if I set Display Format = DD/MM/YYYY, the field remains blank.

if I try with ChronoConnectivity | Views | Fields, default format is y-m-d, and the date is displayed accordingly. If I change to d-m-y, nothing changes in display, and the date is always displayed as y-m-d.

I don't know if this is a bug of if it's something I don't understand.
Thank you
Hi Massimo,

The format in which the data is saved and passed to the form should match the "Real format", the display format is used only for user display.

However, there is a small bug in the last update and to fix this you need to have a patch file, please send me a message using the contact page to get the file early or you may wait for the next official update if you prefer that.

Best regards
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