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Paypal listener - On IPN event triggered multiple times for same transaction

nlheath , January 07 at 21:01
I have several forms using a Paypal redirect and a Paypal listener action. Most of them work fine, but one form recently started consistently executing the ON IPN event multiple times after the user completes the Paypal transaction and is redirected back to a confirmation page. The On IPN event has the following actions:
    Sends me an email listing the contents of the Post array with the information returned from Paypal (this works)

    Paypal listener. There are no actions in the On Verified, On Invalid, or On Error sections.

    A custom code action which runs several queries to update the database. This code executes the first few queries but then apparently stops.

    An email action to indicate that the database updates have completed. This email is never sent.

There is probably an error in the custom code that I haven't found causing it to stop running, but I don't understand why this would cause the IPN action to start again. The initial email is sent and the database partially updated several times in the first few minutes, and then repeatedly, but at longer intervals, over the following few days.

Can anyone give me an ideas about what might be causing this?
Hi nlhealth,
Apologies for the late reply!
It seems as if PayPal is pinging the url again and again because it did not receive a response from the IPN listener action, I suggest placing an email action in the "on verified" event and checking if you ever receive it ? if not then try with an email in the invalid and error events too.
Best regards
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