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Read data events

emmexx , December 27 2017
Do Read data events work?

I tried to use them but I'm not sure that this undocumented functionality is working.
If I undestood correctly the code in parser.php, an event with a name like function_name/found or function_name/notfound should be created.
But the slash in the event name fires a javascript error in the Events tab:

Tab:</v.changeTab/<()9a75c27...c95b.js (line 32)
.each()jquery....f15f376 (line 2)</v.changeTab()9a75c27...c95b.js (line 32)</ (line 32)
n.event.dispatch()jquery....f15f376 (line 3)
n.event.add/r.handle()jquery....f15f376 (line 3)
["Activated tab cannot be ...abs are case-sensitive.", Object[], Object[body.admin.com_chronoconnectivity6.view-.layout-.task-.itemid-0], "event-read_eventi"]

... y.cacheType&&"dom"==y.cacheType.toLowerCase()&&o.children().length>0?setTimeout...

Any suggestion?

Hi maxx,

This is actually to show/hide the event in Chronoforms designer only, that's why you receive an error in Connectivity.

Best regards
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