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CC6.06 Event Fields Not Working

CSDweb , December 24 2017, 19:09
CSDweb 25
December 24 2017, 19:09 #374238
Since I've been unable to find a CC6 example/tutorial on how to use the event field in CC6, I've used the one for CF6 ('How to use the Fields Events' ) as a guide but I have had no success in getting one field (e.g. a radio group) to change (show/hide) another field in CC6. For testing purposes, and to keep things simple I've created a new connection (TEST: Fields Event) with two fields (radioChanger and fieldTOchange). The goal being to show/hide the text field by selecting Yes/No via the radio group field. Here are the setups for each using CC v6.06.

Radio Group Field...
Name, Label & ID: radioChanger
Options: y=Yes n=No
Under the Events Tab...
On: Selecting, Value: n, Action: hide, Element(s) identifier: #fieldToChange
On: Selecting, Value: y, Action: show, Element(s) identifier: #fieldToChange

Text Field
Name, Label & ID: fieldT0change
Value: testing

Under the connections event tag...
Index: content:

With this setup,it's my expectation that both fields should be displayed when the connection is previewed and that the text field should be shown when Yes is selected via the radio and hidden when the No option is selected, but this is not what happens (nothing happens to the text field).

What am I missing? In CC6, how do I get one field (e.g. a radio group) to change (e.g. show/hide, change the value of, etc.) another field (e.g. a text field)?