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A button to save in CSV

barredespace , December 14 2017

I am totally new to ChronoConnectivity and may be missing something obvious but I read a lot of posts and couldn't find a clear answer to my problem.
I try to create a list with a button (or a link) to export it in CSV format.
I read this post in particular but still no joy.

What I achieved so far :
[*]My list is displayed all right with the right titles and sortable columns,
My export function is good which I checked by triggering it in my index event,
Both button and plain link trigger a download but the resulting file is empty a part from columns titles[/*]

Here are some screenshots :

I suspect I missed something in the link parameters, URL and/or content…

Any help appreciated,
thank you
Hi Pascal,

The "export_CSV" event is a new page, it does not appear that you have read the records first before calling the "export_csv" function, please try to do that.

Best regards
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Ah ! Ok ! Thanks ! It's working now.
(feeling a bit stupid right now)