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How to use multi page forms with event switcher

farscape , December 13 2017
I am somewhat of a CFv6 novice. I'm working through your examples, but I would like to combine two and am having difficulties figuring it all out.

I need to create a multi page form where the first page collects family-level information and the subsequent pages captures info about each child, up to five. What I'd like to have is that if I have only one child, I can skip to the end. If I have a second child, I can advance to the next page (the second-child page). If I have only two, I can skip to the end, but if I have three, I can advance to the third child page, etc.

I figured out how the event switcher can go to a specific form page, but I don't know how to set up the submit buttons and events.

Any assistance appreciated.
Ok ... I've been trying to do this, using the multi-page and event swticher demos. My attempt is attached.

I have an event switcher in the submit event. with "add child 2" and "go to end" options. "add child 2" should go to page 3, and "go to end" should go to page 4. However, The form goes to page 3 regardless of the choice. The only difference between the choices is that when you continue to page 4. If on page 2 you chose to add a second child, page four shows the data from all three pages. If, however, you choose "go to end", page four shows only the selections made on page 3.

I can't find any examples of using multi-page and event switcher in the same form. Any assistance welcomed. I don't need anyone to do the work for me, just let me know where I'm missing it.

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Please consider this topic moot and closed. Thanks!