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Is this possible?

perpetual98 , November 27 2017
Trying to do a quick web app for our business and someone directed me to Chronoforms and I've messed around a bit with it but didn't want to sink too much time into it if this isn't possible.

I'm trying to do a simple quoting site that gives us a price total at the end. I'll try to do an easy example and see if someone can point me.

We do modifications to current products that we sell, and we just need to come up with a cost (that we pre-determine) that we will add onto the standard product cost.

It would be something like this...

--> Grey (standard) $0
--> Black +$20
--> Red +$25

--> 0 +$0
--> 1-5 +$20
--> 6-10 +30

--> 0 +$0
--> 1-5 +$20
--> 6-10 +30

TOTAL (Paint+Buttons+Lights)

What I would like to do is come up with a total so our customer service reps could just select the options that the customer wants and it would spit out a total at the end.
Hi perpetual,

its possible but you will need to write some custom PHP code to do the calculations after the values are placed by the user.

Best regards
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Thanks for the reply. Do you know if there's a sample/demo floating around that I could mess with? Once I get a basic foundation, I should be able to figure it out I imagine.