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The reCAPTCHA wasn't entered correctly. Please try it again.

MattH72 , November 27 2017
A client's site has recently stopped taking enquiries. Upon investigation it seems that the reCaptcha - or rather the NoCaptcha - isn't working correctly.

You can tick the I'm Not A Robot box, and get a check, but when you attempt to Submit the form you get the above error. That error of course (as far as I know) is for reCaptcha, and not noCaptcha.

This form worked perfectly up until very recently. It's possible that the Plugin was updated, and also the PHP from 5.4.45 to 7.1.

Please help!
Fixed. For other people with this issue:

I found your own solution helped here. On this page:

I tried the debug conole and yes, the issue was with "file_get_contents()" having been disabled on my server. Perhaps during a recent server upgrade from php5.x to php7.0.

Anyway, the host Enabled file_get_contents() and it works again.