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captcha no showing properly cv5, joomla 3.7.4

hunter_ellis , November 16 2017
Today my form stopped submitting because the recaptcha I was using was not working. I tried switching to different anti spam solutions. Currently only the normal captcha or recaptcha are available in cv5 on my site (not sure why). I've used many of these forms before and can not figure what seems to be the problem. Here is the page its on currently:
Hi Hunter,

The form is not using ReCaptcha; I can't tell why the Captcha image is not being displayed - do you have the Load Captcha action in the form On Load event before the HTML (Render form) action?

ChronoForms technical support
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I had the no captcha on originally but when it stopped working I switched it to the regular captcha to see if that one would work. Load captcha was below my render html on load! Not sure why It stopped working in the first place but I will switch back to the no captcha and see if somehow I was making the same error. Thanks