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Notice: Undefined index: title in

S 1
October 26 2017 #373157
Just installed Chronoforms vs6. Set up first form and all was great. When I set up 2nd from suddenly it switched me to forms list page with the message, "Notice: Undefined index: title in /home/joyfields/public_html/ on line 98"
Now I cannot access the forms or do anything. Although the forms seem to be working just fine for the user. I have reinstalled extension and relateds to no avail. See attached screen shot. Is it something I did wrong? Whats the fix if any? Thanks for your assistance.
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GreyHead 63.5
October 27 2017 #373175
HI snwoko,

One thing you might try is setting your site Error Reporting to System Default or to None - then it will not show PHP Notices (they are usually not problems by themselves). If this does not work then hopefully you will see a more helpful Error message.

ChronoForms technical support
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admin 27.0
October 28 2017 #373197
Please try to click the "Clear cache" button, does that help ? and did you make any changes to the chronoengine_forms6 in the database ?

Best regards
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