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CF6: copy the whole content of a form in another form

jcm69 , October 25 2017
suppose I've devopped an Address Form : number, street etc. Once I'm happy with it, I'd like to put it in another form, let's say Person. How do I copy the whole content of the Address Form into the Person Form ? The only way I see, is to copy all the areas, one by one in the Person Form. There is a Sort icon (right top) but it moves sections across other sections. Shouldn't a Save icon be next to it ? We can save Forms with the big green button top left, but but there's no way to Load them in a form... One can think (me): "I can put all my fields in Address in a "fake" area, save it and then load the fake in the Person Form". But, it didn't work, don't know why
Any idea anybody ? :?