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ChronoForms Version 2.2.1

GreyHead , July 08 2007
Hi All,

Max released v2.2.1 a few days ago (download from here). Here's a list of the of the main changes that I've found:
    [*]Added admin option to use MySQL 'TYPE' in place of 'ENGINE' to fix bug on database table creation with earlier versions of MySQL.[/*][*]Added admin option to 'Copy Form' which creates a copy of an existing form[/*][*]Added a live link to the form link on the Admin Forms Manager page (this allows you to open the form in a new tab or window for easy debugging).[/*][*]Added a 'Menu Link' tab to the Admin Forms Manager to create a site menu link.[/*][*]Fixed bug with check-box (and some other inputs) that return results in an array.[/*][*]Added User IP address to the fields saved into database records. (NB this may cause some upgrade problems with existing tables.)[/*][*]There is some new code that does something when no formname is passed in the url - I'll amend this when I find out what it does.[/*]
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