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V6.0.12 Dropdown Events not working

sujet , October 12 2017
Hi, i have a Form with a Dropdown (Name: evt) and three Fieldsets.

Fieldsets IDs are: a, b and c

Fieldsets .classes are: a fieldset, b fieldset and c fieldset

On Form Load (unSelecting) i have disabled Form Validation by Event (Element identifier: .fieldset: input), it work.

On Form Load (unSelecting) i also want hide all Fieldsets by Event (Element identifier: .fieldset: input), it not work.

On change selected Dropdown Value i want show only selected Fieldset (a, b or c) and enable his Validation by Event

(Element identifier: .{evt:data}.fieldset: input), it not work.

If i want hide complete Fieldset by #ID it also not work.

How can i make it working.

Best Regards

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Hi Lutz,

Apologies for the late reply here!

As discussed in email, the {data:evt} will work only if the field is being reloaded, because the {data:evt} is replaced at the server but not on the client changes (fields values changes).

Best regards
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