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How to create our own payment plugin?

jj135 , October 06 at 15:45

Hi! We would like to create out own payment plugin for Chronoforms 6. We have a reservation form on one of our client website we need to add a payment to. So we would like to create a plugin for CF6 to make this possible.

Is there some documentation on this? Or could we use an existing payment plugin as an example to study? Maybe we could also get a general wokrflow description on how to build and implement such a plugin?

We want to create a payment plugin for We have used this paymentprovider in some of our custom modules and components as well, so we know how to use their API. Now we just need to figure out how to intergrate this in a CF6 form.

Any info is welcome! Thanks.


Hi Jip,

You can pass the form data to any payment provider using the curl or redirect actions, if you want to build a custom plugin then its easy too, let me know and I will write a FAQ on this.

Best regards

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Hi Max, a FAQ on creating our own plugin would be greatly appreciated! With a custom plugin I think we have some more control over for example handling return (error/success) messages from the payment provider.

The new site looks great!

Kind regards,


Hi Jip,

Not immediately useful to you but I do have a Mollie plug-in for CFv5 that I can send you. I have no idea how to convert that to work with CFv6 but it might give you a place to start.


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Thanks Bob. Could you send me the plugin? As you said, it might be a good starting point.

@Max: Any uopdates on the FAQ about creating a CF6 custom plugin?

Kind regards,