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CCv5 + CF5 - Update values and save all into another table

Kronosites , September 30 2017

I'm using CCv5 + CFv5, and all workds OK.
From CCv5 loads a CFv5 form and, when save, the variables updates correctly.

Having this, how can I save the same variables into another table?

I've try to put a DB SAVE action into LOAD event of form (to save the "original" info), but saves all variables as empty.

What I'm doing wrong?
Hi KronoSites,

When you call a form from CC all that is passed over is a record identifier, not the record itself. Then CF loads the record data - I'm not sure at what point it does that though. You can probably use a Debugger action in the On Load event of the form to check at what point the data is available to be re-saved.

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Hello GreyHeah,

Here you have all the information:

CCv5 list:

DEBUGGER of CFv5 when edit a row in the through the CCv5:

Having equal to this image, no error is showed but the row created have all the fields empty.

mySQL Database: