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various conditions for displaying values

indesweb , September 28 2017
Hello everyone
I'm trying to relate several fields to one and I can not seem to find the right way.
What I want to do is the following
If drop-down 1 sets X
drop-down 2 puts Y
and in dropdown 3 puts Z
in the last drop-down you have to put K
I have the databases well formulated, if I put read data one by one it works, but I would like to have the 3 conditions to get the value of the last drop down.

I have been looking at the forum and it has not given me a solution to what I want to do.
I have tried the syntaxes that I have been finding without luck.

Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance
I explain my case in summary so that they can help me more easily:

I have problems with the conditions, I do not know if I write badly after copying and pasting from your forum, or I'm putting it in the wrong place.

my form has many fields, and I want 3 fields to quote a specific value.

I have a table with the fields: population rate province km price_client price_pvp

and in the form I have to select customer and the corresponding tariff is charged

and I have select factory of destination where the population and the province are loaded.

I need the conditional or some form of the fields 'rate' 'population' and 'province' so that in the database show the 'price_client' and with the same rule of three I will do with 'price_pvp'.

I have given thousands of laps for the forum and I have read the manual 100 times and I do not know how to raise it or where.
Hello everyone.
I did not receive any help from the help team, but I managed to solve it in a somewhat heavy way.
Using events "reload" of the fields and putting in the drop down "= confirm" so that it would have to confirm the population and in this way the event "reload xxx" will be loaded.
My scheme stayed in such a way, in case someone needed it:
- Client --- reload Rate with condition of the table that I have made client: {data: client}
* so I charge rate A or rate B
each fare has prices that depend on the destination's kilometers
- Fabrica - reload Poblacion, km, cp and province
---- in poblacion- = confirm - reload sale price A and price cost A, and sale price B and price cost B.
---- in km - eload price for sale A and price for cost A, and price for sale B and price for cost B.

the drop-down rates are
rate (A or B)
show / hide
sale price A or B
cost price A or B

I have it since according to what rate it is, it shows or hides the expandable ones.

And in this way I have achieved what I needed.

But I have the problem, as I put in another topic, which I'm still waiting for help, I save all the values ​​of the form, when I just want to save the ones that are displayed. Apparently although it has hidden "price sale B" and "price cost B" because the rate is A, it keeps the 4 values ​​!! and that's not what I want, and I do not understand why he does it. If it is hidden, it must be understood that it is not what is wanted, and even then it is kept by me.

If someone solve this problem, I will be very grateful.