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Uppercase in form fields

gabi , September 14 2017
Really trying to get coding correctly. This is not working yet. I've placed this code under load tab 1st position.​
$temp = $this->data('last_name', '');​
​$temp = strtoupper($temp);​
​$this->data('last_name', $temp, true);​
​return ($temp);
No uppercase last name is being saved in database or appearing in email or TCPDF.
Really appreciate your patience in helping me.
I think I finally figured out the php code and I get the results I want in both the TCPDF & email message. Here's my code.​
​$temp = $this->data('last_name','');​
​$temp = strtoupper($temp);​
​$this->data('last_name', $temp, true);​
​echo file_get_contents($temp);​
​I placed after Verify data, catpcha but before "Save Database" sections.
Hi amheng5,
The last line should not be needed, the thee lines I posted should change the last_name to be uppercase. You can add a Debugger action to check that is working.
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