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Shortcodes not working

gabi , August 13 2017, 08:58
gabi 83
August 13 2017, 08:58 #371358
My new form in V6 is getting better and better, but I have a few issues.

One of them is the "Thank you message" that pops up after ppl sending the form.

I want to include data from the form. Name, date etc. but nothing shows up.

My settings are as follow:

The url to my form is: Forsamlingshus form

I cant figure out what is wrong.
I am using Chronoforms 6 manual, but
admin 27
August 13 2017, 13:44 #371376
Hi gabi,

What is the name of your form field ? is it "dato" or "form_field_dato" ? if its the first then you should use {data:dato}

Best regards,
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gabi 83
August 13 2017, 20:27 #371399

That made it.
Thank you so much.

Have a nice day
s.elena133 47
June 16 2018, 14:43 #378379

When i try to call the function with short code i get the syntax error with text: unexpected "}".
The function was created under the events tab.
Tell me please where my code is wrong (or settings are)?

Much thanks in advance.
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GreyHead 64
June 17 2018, 09:46 #378382
Hi s.elena133,
The code is nearly impossible to read in the image. Please copy and paste the code as text here, and also the full error message that you see.
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healyhatman 7
June 17 2018, 11:01 #378383
(3rd time I've said this in 2 days)
You CANNOT use shortcodes in PHP code.
{var:} ---> $this->get("var_name", "default value");
{data:} ---> $this->data("data name", "default value");
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s.elena133 47
June 18 2018, 13:18 #378400
Hi, Bob!
Sorry for delay.
Code of function in "PHP" element (in articleID event):
$view = JRequest::getVar('view');
$article_id = null;

if ($view == "article") {
$article_id = JRequest::getInt('id');
return $article_id;
And the code of calling in load event