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Password Mask/Unmask Option

omidhz , June 13 2017, 00:13
omidhz 295
June 13 2017, 00:13 #369329
Is there a way to add the password mask/unmask option to my password field?
admin 29
June 13 2017, 23:12 #369369
Hi Omid,

What is the mask/unmask option ? you mean the "mask" feature ?

Best regards,
omidhz 295
June 13 2017, 23:56 #369371
Unmasking the password (making the password visible) by clicking on the small icon that appears after you start typing the password.
Here is an example:
GreyHead 64
June 14 2017, 12:39 #369390
Hi omidhz,

There's a JavaScript snippet on GitHub here that you could use. Note that it is a straightforward change of type - except for IE which doesn't allow this so the code then creates a replacement input element.

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