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'Build a basic lsiting'

NickOg , May 31 2017
I suspect that the text in Part 2 of the FAQ "Build a basic listing' is incorrect.
It reads
Our function is ready to sort by this table field now, but we need to add the sorting link "view", so we go under "Views", click "List elements" and select "sorter".
We change the name to "title_sorter", write "Article.title" in the "Field" setting, and write "Title" in the "Content" setting.
Now open our table1 view by clicking the link on the left side, and in the "Columns list", we replace "Article.title:Title" with "Article.title:{view:title_sorter}".

I think that the phrase
click "List elements" and select "sorter".
is incorrect and should read
click "Elements" and select "Sorting Link".

Or have I missed something??


Hi Nick,

Correct, the tutorial was written after the first release but the view name was changed later.

Best regards,
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