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Include value in filename for XLS Export plugin (CF5)

partic , May 29 2017, 06:59
partic 7
May 29 2017, 06:59 #368737
In CF4 Basic XLS Export you could put {fieldname} in the file name to include data in the filename (such as identifying the group the records apply to.

In CF5, the XLS Export, there's no instruction on how to customise the filename with live data to make the "generated file name".

Is that possible?

Is there also a way to improve the process so as to not have Excel spit the dummy on the file format not matching?
partic 7
May 29 2017, 07:02 #368738
Looking into PHPSpreadsheet as an alternative to get around the current issues with the XLS Export on CF5.
GreyHead 64
May 29 2017, 08:55 #368745
HI partic,

You can over-ride a configuration setting using Custom Code before the action - see this post For the file name use $form->actions_config[??]["file_name"] replacing ?? with the action number.

You can also use a CSV export which can be imported into a spreadsheet - or the Google Sheets save.

ChronoForms technical support
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partic 7
June 01 2017, 02:42 #368885
Thanks Bob. That should do the trick nicely.