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Validation CF6

baxterdown , April 30 2017, 23:49
baxterdown 251
April 30 2017, 23:49 #367618
Hi Bob!

I just created my first CF6 form and couldn't figure out how to make fields required. Reading the forum I found an answer to someone else's question. The instructions were to type the following in the Validation box:

required:this field is required
email:please enter a valid email

Is this how CF6 going to work?? That is HORRIBLE!!! This is a trap for all kinds of mistakes... not typing the information correctly and the validation doesn't work, typing the information with grammar mistakes and then having to come back and fix them, etc., etc.

PLEASE change this back to the way it worked in CF5. That was a simple, straight-forward, function that was full of easy-to-use options and made perfect sense. This is a disaster-waiting-to-happen!

All my best always,

GreyHead 64
May 01 2017, 08:20 #367625
Hi Jose,

No point in asking me - that's a question for Max

ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
admin 29
May 01 2017, 08:26 #367628

I will try to simplify this, thank you!

Best regards,
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