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Payment gateway and Google NoCaptcha

petergeens , April 28 2017
petergeens 22
April 28 2017 #367559

I first check if my Google NoCaptcha is OK. If failed I have an event loop. So far so good.

But when the recaptcha validates I go to a payment gateway with the Gateway Mollie Submit.

If I pay correct the plugin returns and reloads the page, but then the recaptcha plugin breaks the process by saying the recaptcha code is invalid.

When I disable the recaptcha plugin all works fine.

Anyone had the same problem ? Or knows how to avoid ?

Kind regards,

GreyHead 63.5
April 28 2017 #367565
Hi Peter,

I'd suggest that you return to a page/event without the Check ReCaptcha in it; or use an Event Switcher to detect the source and skip the Check ReCaptcha if it is coming from Mollie.

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