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Field attribute type not parsed

jmeidal , April 28 2017, 12:53
jmeidal 62
April 28 2017, 12:53 #367547
I have set a field with the Extra Attribute of:

yet the frontend is parsed as:
<input type="tel" ="type=""tel""" ...

Do I need to change my attribute syntax, or this this a bug?
GreyHead 64
April 28 2017, 13:03 #367548
Hi jmeidal,

Please try type:tel (with a colon and no quotes) - that appears to work when I test; though not all browsers support 'tel'.

ChronoForms technical support
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jmeidal 62
April 28 2017, 13:30 #367551
Thanks, yes! That clears it up for me. I'm in Chrome currently.

Since I'm on this topic, is there a new syntax for something like this to add in my attribute for custom masking?

data-inputmask='mask' : '999-999-9999'
admin 28
April 28 2017, 14:29 #367554

data-inputmask:'mask' : '999-999-9999'

Best regards,
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jmeidal 62
April 28 2017, 15:26 #367558
Super easy and nice to have this working. My previous type="tel" must have been what messed up the <input> field previously. Thanks.