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Event field in Menu Options

fyanko , April 27 2017, 14:55
fyanko 19
April 27 2017, 14:55 #367517
I just noticed that CF6 doesn't seem to allow us to specify an event when creating a Joomla menu. We were able to in CF5 and I definitely need that ability to be able to get one of my forms migrated. Is this something that if we specify the "Extra parameters", we could then detect that extra param in our form and use an event switcher or Load Event action, or was this something that just happened to be omitted by mistake?
admin 28
April 27 2017, 16:38 #367522
Hi fyanko,

Please try this in the "Extra parameters"

Best regards,
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rtobias 53
April 28 2017, 18:13 #367569
Looks good. Thanks a bunch!