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Select inside li tags

Yudhizth , March 23 2017, 08:09
Yudhizth 140
March 23 2017, 08:09 #366151
Dear all,

I found a problem here. I try to put select inside li. The result on my editor is fine, but when I put the code into custom code and preview the form, the result is weird, every select tag is on a new line. not inline with the text.

Thank you.
GreyHead 64
March 23 2017, 09:28 #366156
Hi Yudhizth ,

Then I guess that you probably don't want to put the select inside an <li> ??

ChronoForms technical support
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Yudhizth 140
March 23 2017, 09:40 #366160

Probably, in case if my client request this "weird" thing, I should prepare from now hehe. By the way, the problem is on css template.

Thank you for fast response.
God bless you Bob