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answer to this picture

dominusgai , March 21 2017
Sir, can you please help me with a comprehensive answer to this picture. This is the answer i first recieved.

(The Previous button should redirect to the previous form page. You can save to the database table when each page is submitted. To allow editing add a status column to the form. Change the status to 'saved' when the form is finally submitted. Check the status when you read the data - if it is set to save then stop the form processing as in 1. above.)

Sir, I did not see any previous button event in the form, I had to rename a submit button to previous so I could explain what I mean. Can you please show me where that button is?
I also cannot see the status column, can you help me with that too?
Also, where would the status column be placed, is it on the on load or on submit event?
If its not too much to ask, can you send pictures of this request?

I can't seem to attach the picture with my phone, but here is the topic am referring to