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Checkbox group options display in a table/grid.

cmwincom , February 24 2017
cmwincom 16
February 24 2017 #365358
Is it possible to have the options for a checkbox group to display in the form in rows and columns?
I have about 30 options populated by a database table. In the future there could be more options. When editing the checkbox I can set it to display horizontal or vertical. Vertical is too long and it doesn't line up nicely when set to horizontal.

I'm assuming if this is possible that it would require some css. So if possible some clue as to how to do it would be great.
GreyHead 63.4
February 24 2017 #365363
Hi cmwincom,

The easiest way if to copy and paste the HTML from the element you have into a Custom Code element and re-format the HTML there, probably using a table. As long as you keep the checkbox names. ids, classes etc all should work OK.

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