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Auto fill end date +1 day from start date

mjandrew , January 12 2017
I have a simple form setup containing only a start date and end date which opens up an accommodation booking results page in a new window. The form works but it would work much slicker if the end date auto filled with the chosen start date +1 day.

Here is a working example where the end date auto populates to the same as the start day. I'm basically looking for this +1 extra day in the end date by default:

Many thanks, Mike
Hi mjandrew,

I'd suggest that for a booking application you use a RangePicker enabled datepicker - see, for example, the jQuery UI datepicker here and click the 'Select a Date Range' example - this is much easier to use than two separate datepickers.

ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
Hi Bob - Sorry for the late reply. I've been having a look at the date range and I'm still keen on the auto detect end date if this isn't going to be a massive undertaking.

The current setup works but lets say someone chooses a start date in Feb 2018, when they click into the end date it defaults to today and they need to go their preferred end date in find Feb 2018.

Whereas as with this example the end date auto fills based on the start date.
If something like this is doable I'd be more than happy to receive a quote from you.

Many thanks, Mike