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Working with multiplier

fribse , April 22 2016
My forms design is getting closer to having all the features I need, the really tricky part I guess is the calculations.
Now I'm trying to understand the multiplier FAQ.
So far I've built the form as attached.
This gives the user a way to give in the different expenses.
The idea is that the user that has had the expense then gets a checkmark at the multiplied field, so that he gets reimbursed in the calculations.
But the colums in the multiplier field aren't pretty, they are not aligned (I used the CSS trick shown to hide the labels of the other repeats).
Is there a way I can make these checkmarks exclusive, so that only one person can have a checkmark in each type?
Secondly, I don't understand the part in the FAQ about how I should modify the fields so that I keep all the data, and then store them. It might be my english that's at fault here, and just me not being able to interpret it :-)