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How to Link to a newly created page?

jefferis , January 26 2007, 21:20
jefferis 3
January 26 2007, 21:20 #101
I created my first form, but I cannot find it on the website to link it to any menu or page...

laurel 29
January 30 2007, 21:10 #108
You have to do a new menu item with the correct information in it.

go to Menu > mainmenu > then select New

Choose type "Link - URL" then write the URL to be :

Plz see the instructions in the component, or this page.,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,30/func,view/id,2/catid,5/<br><br>Post edited by: laurel, at: 2007/01/30 21:11
sketteksalfa 3
February 07 2007, 21:59 #124
wow it works!! thanks thanks.. i love this form, let me vote for you!