"Edit action settings" in dark grey screen

doromi 11 May, 2015
Hi Bob,

something strange seems to happen here - perhaps since installing J!3.4.1 ?

When I open one of my CF5 forms, go to the Setup and try to edit one of the actions
a dark grey screen opens, I can see the Edit Action Settings window, but only weak,
(looks like a mobile phone screen in heavy sunlight...)
and when I click into the grey screen it closes and I'm back in the Setup window.
I can add new events and delete existing ones, I simply can't edit them...

Do you have any idea what happened there (or perhaps even a solution?)

Thanks in advance,

kind regards,

GreyHead 12 May, 2015
Hi Doris,

This does sound like some kind of JavaScript (or possibly PHP) error on the site. When you edit settings, ChronoForms opens a modal window and it sounds as though this is starting but not completing. If you check your browser Web Developer tools are there any errors shown in the Console?

doromi 12 May, 2015
Hi Bob,

thanks for your kind reply.

I did one very clever thing to solve this problem (after banging my head on the table because I didn't have
this idea in the first place) - I updated the component... Still had the old 5.0.0. running...

Now I see what nice things are new in this release, AND I can edit the actions🙂

Kind regards,
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