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Attach PDF, XLS, CSV to email ? for both v4 & v5

Published: Tuesday, 20 May 2014 08:53

Many users would like to attach the PDF, XLS or CSV files generated by the actions to the email.

In each file geneartion action, there is a setting named "Post file name" (or something similar), adding a string here should work as a virtual file field name, which can later be used in the "Attachments fields names" setting under the "Email action.

So let's say that you enter "my_pdf_file" in the "Post file name" under the "TCPDF action", then you can enter "my_pdf_file" under the "Attachments fields names" in the "Email" action to get the generated PDF file attached to the email.


Please note that in order for this feature to work, the file must be saved to the server. (or downloded and saved)