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Are you getting "We could not connect to ChronoEngine" error when you try to validate Chronoforms ? please update Chronoforms7!


Script implementation: please use Joomla4 WebAssetManager

we78da posted Oct 5, 2022 at 07:49
I'm using Chronoforms v7 on Joomla 4 platform. To make my website gdpr proof I crawl through all assets and disable them until cookies were accepted.
The main problem is Chronoform does not use joomla's asset manager to create script tags, so eg. Google reCaptcha loads external scripts before accepting privacy policy, which can cause a fine. In the G3 plugin libs/document/buildMediaOutput() method all script tags were built by custom html tag. Is it possible to modify this method to create scripts using WebAssetManager->registerAndUseScript() method?
Thanks for your reply...
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