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Date picker CF 4 in joomla 3.3 gives format('d-m-Y H:i') as output in stead of date and time

marald , May 22 2015, 11:19
marald 10
May 22 2015, 11:19 #347393
The date picker used to work on a joomla 1.7 site, but after upgrading the website to the latest joomla and installing the new chronoforms v4.0.6 on joomla 3.4.1 the output of the datepicker doesn't work anymore.

It lets you select a date / time just fine, only the value in the textfield is "d-m-Y H:i" in stead of the selected date / time.
Anything I should enable / disable or reconfig to make this working again?

Thanks in advance.