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Listings Submission Forms

TheWholeNote , April 17 2015, 19:19
TheWholeNote 16
April 17 2015, 19:19 #346123
We at are looking for an experienced ChronoFormer who can help us develop two complicated forms for our site/magazine. We have a "Listings Submission Form" online at and we need to make 2 new ones slightly based off that format. Both forms need to email the information, as well as save the information to google sheets.

First is a form for our Club Listings, where instead of the listings being date based (like the current form) the information is venue based. So people enter their venue information, and then get a multiplier for the date/time/performer/price to enter all their information for the month in one submission. See the attached "The Rex Listings.rtf" in the zip file as an example of how they come out in the magazine and online to get a feel for our needs.

Second is a "Festival Listings" form where the user first enters the general information about their festival (Name, contact info, phone #) then they get the option to enter their venues, which uses a multiplier for all their venues. After they have their venue information filled out, the 2nd part of the form (maybe a 2nd linked form) allows them to fill in their event information, again using a multiplier with Title of concert/performer/music performed/venue/price/phone #/special notes. See the attached "Stratford Summer Music Festival.rtf" in the zip file as an example of the data we need to use.

*NOTE* The DRAFT listings in the attached file are for project example use only and should not be published without explicit consent.
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TheWholeNote 16
April 18 2015, 13:38 #346129
for some reason my file didnt upload properly. ive attached it again and hopefully it works this time.
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