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rebuild "custom code" form into regular form

marklandry , March 27 2015, 04:13
marklandry 179
March 27 2015, 04:13 #345031
I have a form that was created in custom code, not the wizard, in Chronoforms 4.
I need it rebuilt into CF5 using the wizard so client can edit.

You can see the form in action at - it relies heavily on Google Maps API, so lots of events, validations, etc.

Please PM me with your thoughts regarding cost, timeline, etc. I can also send you a backup of the form if needed.
GreyHead 65
March 27 2015, 10:06 #345042
Hi marklandry,

It's hard to tell what is required from the front-end. The form itself appears fairly simple so the main task is presumably to switch the scripts from MooTools to jQuery?

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much