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Calculator with a twist?

alex305v , February 11 2015, 05:41
alex305v 59
February 11 2015, 05:41 #342402
I need help creating this "table" I am working on a website members come to get certified on levels. The company I am working with to provide this service require a "statistic" showing how many we have certified. Until now I been having to edit the module and add the number to it. I have a form created that emails this member telling him/her congrats on your XX certification. I would like to join this form to a database so it automatically add it up to the total amount. We provide 4 certifications (P1&P2, P3, P4, P5), the idea is that every time I submit the form it adds 1 under this certification on a module. Something like the image uploaded for you.

Thanks for reading
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GreyHead 65
February 12 2015, 16:56 #342494
Hi alex,

I would probably save the certifications to a database table, then have a new little form in the module that reads the database table to get the summary results. See this StackOverFlow answer for an example.


PS I suggest that you don't use your email as a username here as it is publicly visible and may be scraped and mis-used.
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