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Need to hire someone - Form Events and Simple Calculations

susnet , February 07 2015, 14:51
susnet 1
February 07 2015, 14:51 #342260
Hi All,

I'm building a product order form using ChronoForms 5, I need someone to help me with form events and simple price calculation.

Some of might just be advice, some of it might be a few lines php or javascript to get the price calculations from field values.

It shouldn't be too difficult for someone with experience in this. I will pay good money, I'm not a time waster.

I did advertise on ODesk, but unfortunately everyone on their claims they know it but when it comes to it at most they've only ever done a basic contact form, some haven't even used Chrono before lol.... Useless!

I did send "GreyHead" a pm on here asking to pay him, but I didn't get a response, maybe he didn't get it or is too busy?

Mnay thanks
admin 33
February 07 2015, 16:03 #342262
Hi sunset,

You can send me the details using the "Contact us" page, Bob will get a copy of the details message too.