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What is ChronoContact (where is it described)?

adrian99 , March 12 2013, 09:59
adrian99 10
March 12 2013, 09:59 #308125
Where can I find a full product description of ChronoContact?

I am interested in it because I read that it can create PDFs. I would like to create a PDF of info that is normally shown/edited via a ChronoForm. I would like to have plenty of control over how the fields and their labels are laid out. Is ChronoContact an appropriate solution for this?

I have already paid for a validated copy of ChronoForms. Would I have to pay again for ChronoContact?
GreyHead 65
March 12 2013, 10:55 #308135
Hi adrian99,

ChronoForms can create PDFs, you need to contact Max (use the Contact Us link above) to ask for the action which is too big to add to the installer and still a bit beta but works OK.

ChronoContact is a simplified form builder that Max built to run without being dependent on the Joomla! infrastructure. It is good if you want to build simple forms but does not have the full range of flexibility and functionality of ChronoForms. As far as I know it does not support PDF output (but I could be wrong). The only description I have is on the home page article here.

You can test and use both of them for free, I expect that you would need to pay a second license for ChronoContact to get version without the tag-line as you would not normally use both on the same site but Max manages all of that so you'd need to ask him to be sure.

ChronoForms technical support
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driv 84
November 26 2013, 10:06 #320099
Is there a comparison table (or similar) that describes the difference between ChronoForms and ChronoContact?
GreyHead 65
November 26 2013, 15:51 #320126
Hi driv,

Not yet, maybe one day. This FAQ is the closest.

Use ChronoContact if you just need a basic form shown in a page. Use ChronoForms if you want to do anything more than basic.

ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much