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v4 CC Custom Display is Broken as far as I can tell

Jim Nayzium , March 07 2012, 22:09
Jim Nayzium 39
March 07 2012, 22:09 #268800
No custom display works properly in the v4 version for 2.5 yet.

i have selected NO to the drop down at the top of the options which is supposed to engage the custom BODY field to show the data like in the old version.

This was so simple and easy in the old version.

Now basically the body-area KNOWS how many rows are present -- but doesn't display the data rather it displays whatever I have typed in the body-tag for each row present...

Like {full_name} - {email} is shown 22 times because I have 22 records in the database.

I cannot believe no one else is having the similar issue?

When I select YES on the drop-down at the top of the page the default lists work perfectly -- but the custom stuff is just flat-broken as far as I can tell.
admin 33
March 17 2012, 20:21 #269719
Hi Jim,

I'm not sure if you have managed to solve this or not, its working fine here, do you have a "Model ID" in your "General" settings for this connection ?