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User receives form also?

albieb , April 30 2007, 03:00
albieb 2
April 30 2007, 03:00 #310
Is it possible for the person that fills out the form to receive a copy as well?

If so how is it done..

Much thanks.
admin 32
May 07 2007, 00:10 #319
yes, at the "email field" , insert the field name where the submitter email will reside, this will email it there too

albieb 2
May 07 2007, 10:31 #324
Thanks for the prompt reply

I've looked at all the posts, but cannot find what format to add the forms email addy.

if the form field is "formemail". Then what would be the syntax...

{formemail} or (formemail) or "formemail"...


admin 32
May 07 2007, 17:28 #327

Look at my demo, you see ? I have some fields, 2 of them are the "Your Email" box and the "Subject" Box, at my HTML at the backend, those 2 fields names are "email" and "subject", something like <input type="text" name="email"...> and <input type="text" name="subject"...>

So, when do u submit a demo, what happens ? you get a copy of your message, how ?

at the "email field" at the backend at the form manager, I write "email" (without the quotes plz, ONLY the field name), so when you submit the form, it will send to me the primary contact and to the email written in the "email" field, which is "Your Email" Box, does this make sense ?

Plz let me know, and plz advise some way to let all people understand this, bcoz I get this question everyday