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reCAPTCHA integration

mat , May 27 2011, 06:04
mat 32
May 27 2011, 06:04 #70322
In the last days I get constant spam as comments (a sample in the attachments). May be the default captcha is too easy for the bots?
Do you think that reCAPTCHA or something similar can help to reduce the spam?
If so, how can be integrated?
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alfa5 1
July 26 2011, 12:48 #73710
ChronoForm v4 has Recaptcha actions built in. You need to add {ReCaptcha} into the Form HTML using a Custom Code element. Then drag the Load ReCaptcha and Check ReCaptcha actions to the OnLoad and OnSubmit events. You can add your key to the Load ReCaptcha configuration.
mat 32
July 26 2011, 12:52 #73711
ChronoForm v4 has Recaptcha actions built in.

You are right, but this is related to ChronoComments.