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easy way to remove spam?

sevensages , September 14 2010, 19:00
sevensages 3
September 14 2010, 19:00 #57546
I'm wondering if there is an easy way to remove spam posts in the comments.

I ask, because I assume it might not be built-in, considering the amount of spam on the chronoengine site. (look at all the comments on the product pages).

Even though I just bought more licenses for my chronoforms, and I figure updates are waiting on 1.6, I still get a little worried that the project is dead when I see spam running wild on a site.

ecigsmoke2 1
September 15 2010, 12:51 #57588
I'm also wandering how will I remove the spams ! Thanks , if ever someone post what are the ways for removing spam e-mails .
DSE801 1
September 17 2010, 14:56 #57713
Is there a any easy way to remove the spam ?