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Email cloaking problem

treenity , May 27 2010, 07:33
treenity 2
May 27 2010, 07:33 #51751
Hi, i have email cloaking problem, the joomla javascript code for email cloaking is in the "email" form as a text, i dunno how to fix that for the moment, the only think i know is it is possible to disable the email cloaking.

Goto Components -> com_chronocomments -> Templates -> OPEN comment-form.html.php

<input name="email" type="text" id="ccemail_x1"

place just above :

and the email cloaking system will be off JUST for the end of the form.
algous 2
May 31 2011, 17:22 #70567
Hello, thanks for this powerful component!

An other solution is to place this code in a "Custom Code" to "On Load" event.