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3 problems : apostrophe, #comments and Future versions

Teophile , March 27 2010, 06:01
Teophile 7
March 27 2010, 06:01 #49288
I use chronocomments and here are the points that I have a problem:
1 - The quotes in the French translation files and blocks the BBCode button SUBMIT_COMMENT.
Example: In the files fr-FR.plg_content_chronocomments.ini and fr-FR.com_chronocomments.ini line ENTER_EMAIL = Nous avons besoin d'une adresse e-mail ... must remove the apostrophe d'une by d une to unlock.

2 - When we rewrite the URLs with sh404SEF clicking READ N COMMENTS #comments the term is added to the end of the URL.
- Is there an extension for sh404SEF #comments remove at the end of the URL rewrite ?
- What files are modified by the hack sh404SEF which does not break URLs not AJAX ?

3 - Are there any plans to add the following features in future versions:
- Adding photos, videos links to sites Yontube .../...
- Links RSS
- Upload files
- Charter

Thank you for the quality integration chronocomments in a template
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