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SimpleCalendar integration problem

iraffa , March 21 2010, 14:10
iraffa 1
March 21 2010, 14:10 #48895
Hello, i'm using SimpleCalendar on my website but i've got a small problem.
The link for the comments (Chrono Comments) in the detail page doesn't work properly, when i clic the comments i be redirect to an other place with a simple article.

For what i saw the problem i connected to the id of the event and the id of the articles, because the site open when i click on comment form detail the site redirect me to the article whit the same id of the calendar event.

There is a way to solve this problem or to remove the link to the comments in the detail view?

I had ask the same question to the SimpleCalendar developer but he has answered me to ask to ChronoComments developer because he doesn't support this comments manager.